Berghotel Schmittenhöhe



Approved vaccinations for 2G in Austria

  • BioNtech/Pfizer: 2 doses
  • AstraZeneca: 2 doses
  • Moderna: 2 doses
  • Johnson & Johnson: 1 dose
  • and all cross vaccinations

You will enjoy all the little things that we have changed under the new conditions.
the Hotel has the spacious area that allows to place our guests at a more than predetermined distance. Every couple or family is able to be seated on a separate table to enjoy breakfast and dinner.
Our hygiene standards also offer security for a relaxing holiday.
Of course, we strictly adhere to all of the federal government's guidelines and recommendations.
The health of our guests is very important to us. Please also pay attention to complinace with teh regulation in the sense of personal responsibility.
Thank you for your helf and understanding.

Restaurant area

Breakfast and Dinner

  • we ensure there is enough space beween the tables
  • all hotel guests are seated at breakfast and dinner
  • to protect our guests, employees and families, we ask you to wear a mask in the buffet area

Wellness area

Wellness & Fitness

  • In general, keep a distance of at least 1 meter from person to person (Individual responsibility!)
  • The use of the sauna is possible with limited capacity (number of people in the room) Here, too, a minimum distance of 1 meter applies
  • There also must be a distance of at least 1 meter between the individual lying areas
  • it is necessary to wear bathing shoes in the wellness area. SchnapsHans slippers are available at the front desk (special price for hotel guests Euro 9,-)
  • Fitness: the sports equipment can be used and is regularly disinfected. Disinfectants will also be available for guests. We ask the guests to use and disinfect the devices independently and to keep the legal distance of 1 meter

General COVID-19 requirements

  • At least 1 Meter distance
    At least 1 Meter distance
  • Wash your hands
    Wash your hands
  • Use the stairs
    Use the stairs

Cancellation: in the case of illness of the guest prior to arrival (presentation of a positive corona test is necessary) there is no cancellation fee. The deposit remains as a credit for a new booking.

Online booking