Berghotel Schmittenhöhe


How to find us!

The quickest route to get to your holiday and recuperation destination

Getting up to the hotel is only possible during Schmittenhöhebahn operating hours.
Schmittenhöhebahn operating hours:

Please note:

  • Arrive by car, right to the valley station for Schmittenhöhebahn
  • There is an extra lift to the rear- where Schmittenhöhebahn staff put your put luggage
  • Purchase your ski passes at the Schmittenhöhebahn cash desk
  • You can then park your car on our new parking area directly next to the P6 of the Schmittenhöhebahn or in the underground car park which is right beside the town hall
  • The shuttle bus departs right beside the garage (free use with your ski pass) and brings you back to the valley station
  • Your journey into a paradise of snow can now begin – escape the humdrum of daily life, enjoy being free and take a gondola ride to the summit at 2000 metres altitude!
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